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Grease Guardian

The Grease Guardian is the worlds leading at source automated grease recovery device. The Grease Guardian has been installed in some on the worlds most prestigious hotels, restaurant and fastfood chains, sporting arenas, supermarkets and airports. The Grease Guardian range has been certified and tested in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia and designed with absolute quality and efficiency in mind.

The Grease Guardian can be installed under sinks, ovens and dishwashers to trap and remove grease (up to 99% grease removal) at the source of the problem. When space is limited the Grease Guardian can be installed in a basement taking the entire waste from the kitchen. The system is compact and easy to install, requires very little maintenance and has warranty of up to 10 years.

D1 Grease Guardian (Flow 0.75 l/s)
D2 Grease Guardian (Flow 1.25 l/s)
D3 Grease Guardian (Flow 1.75 l/s)
D4 Grease Guardian (Flow 2.25 l/s)
D5 Grease Guardian (Flow 2.75 l/s)
Grease guardian pic1.jpg